Also known as Bruce's Deadly Fingers, this brucesploitation film starring "Bruce Le" Huang Kin Lung and directed by Joseph Kong in 1976 contains a fair amount of progressive rock from the era.

The Music Edit

  • Shine on You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd The intro of the film contains redubbed clips from Way of the Dragon. The music starts with a clip from the second part of Shine On and then moves to the first part. It seems that the US widescreen DVD is missing the whole scene, but at least the German version has it.
  • Tarkus by Emerson, Lake and Palmer Tarkus could be considered as the core of this film's music. Most of the parts without vocals are used, like in the first car chase scene the beginning is heard repeated about three times, in a scene in which Bruce breaks his master's cup and buys a new one, in a middle-film fight scene, and the glorious end fanfare is heard in the end, which unfortunately is cut from the US DVD.
  • On the Run by Pink Floyd is heard in the end scene, where Bruce Lee slowly waves his hands getting ready to attack, almost like the real Bruce.